Monday, December 27, 2010

If you want a happy and successsful husband here are some simple rules to follow:

1. Avoid arguments. Your husband has his share from other sources
2. Don't Nag.
3. Don't drink or eat to excess
4. If you offend your husband, always ask forgiveness before you retire
5. Compliment your husband liberally. It makes him a better husband.
6. Budget wisely together.  Live within your income.
7.Be sociable and go out with your husband.
8. Dress neatly and attractively for your husband, and keep your home clean and cheerful
9. Keep you household troubles to yourself.
10. Pray together and stay together.

Judy Cipriano
wife of over 25 years.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Judy's Journal

Stay married! People divorce for some of the most trivial reasons. Here are some:
We fight alot, we no longer see eye to eye, children, in-laws, finances, even weight gain, these are issues of unresoved anger and resentment. Some even get divorced when there is a terminal illness. The only biblical reason for divorce, in the eyes of God, is adultery.Even at that God wants you to stay married if at all possible. The bible says God Hates divorce. If you are now involved in an affair, please run from it. STOP now. Get back to the right path and ajust your way of thinking. Go back towards God. Ask for forgivness, show complete honesty, and remorse, repent. An interloper( a third party) can only cloud your thinking and harden your heart(toward your spouse) Your children will suffer over their lifetime. Children of divorce are much more likely to get divorce themselves. Again I would say please stay married.

Judy Cipriano
wife of over 25 years.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Judy's journal December 20th, 2010

You also need to be praying everyday for your wives. Ask God to help you see her as the person who was sent to you for the healing you need  Ask to help you see her need and meet them the best you can.
If she is strugling in an area  pray extra hard for the knowledge to help her.
A woman's number one need is love. She wants to know you will always love her She needs to feel secure.Not only in finances, but the security that you will always be faithful, no person or thing(like your job) will be put before her. Nothing is to come between you. Treat her like fine china, like diamonds and rubies. Your marriage is like a fooball game, you and you wife are on the same team.
Judy Cipriano
wife of over 25 years.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Judy's Journal

We all need to pray for our husbands, that God will give them the wisdom to be a Godly man, a good husband and father, and the right kind of leader of his home. And the knowledge on how to deal with us! Be honost with God, he already knows what you are about to ask.  Tell him if you are angry, or if you have any unforgiveness in you towards your spouse.  The holy spirit will guide you on how to aproach a difficult subject with love and respect towards your husband. Men really really need to feel respected by their wives. Its their #1 need above anything else.I am currantly still working on that!

Judy Cipriano

Monday, December 13, 2010

A three fold cord is not easily broken.

"That is why a man leaves his father and mother and clings to his wife and the two of them become one body"--Genesis 2, 24 New American Bible St. Joseph Edition.

At we believe any married couple can stay married.

In our over 25 years of marrige Judy and I have seen most all the ups and downs one can imagine.
we have seen better, worse, sickness, health, and of course richer and poorer.

Thru the most trying times one thing we managed to do is Stay Married. If we can so can you.

In the comming days we will share our thoughts on all things related to marriage. We intend to give you the reader the benifit of our experience as well as the knowledge gained from reading nearly one hundred books on marriage(not to mention countless hours of christian T.V. programs).

Judy and I have also attended several marriage seminar weekends and of course our participation in the catholic marriage program known as Marriage ecounter.

We hope the information posted here, as well as our new website
will be helpful to all married couples