Sunday, February 27, 2011

Stuck in a "rut"

As your marriage progresses, you may feel as if you have fallen into a "rut". Every married couple at some point in their marriage (if you are honest with yourself) can say they have fallen "out of love".
 What does this really mean? I guess thats your "rut" Every couple has their own. So let's rekindle our love now!

Go back to when you were dating. Do these thing again.
Get intimate even if one of you are" not in the mood". It will happen and it will be good. You will remember and want to have that passion again.

Your mood will be elevated all the next day.
Judy Cipriano
wife of over 25 years

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Holy Communion as one

Go to Church together. Sit next to each other, hold hands. If you are Catholic take communion together
(Click here to find out just how to do this). We learned how from watching a very loving couple from our marriage encounter group. Say Grace with every meal you eat together and hold hands while praying. Be thankful you have the blessing of food in this economy. Mike and I say the rosary everyday We do this seperately, but we do it. Another Godly woman from our marriage encounter circle taught us this. It will bring you peace and comfort. You can pray the rosary for just about any favor or blessing you need from God, weather for yourself or someone else. Pray it for all the different needs or people you love. We pray alot for our business and ofcourse this ministry. We also pray for our children,grandchildren and for the healing in our own marriage. There is not any good excuse, I do it while driving to work and back home. You don't even need to finish the whole rosary, say one or two decades if thats all you can do, and pick it up later. Whatever denomination you are apart of do it together.
Judy Cipriano
wife of over 25 years

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Knights of Columbus are having a night at the races april 9th To attend or to advertise Click theis link
Knights of Columbus are having a night at the races april 9th To attend or to advertise Click theis link
My wife wrote a ten page list of my good qualities, have you written a list?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Marriage means talking things out, making changes, and forgiving each other

Monday, January 24, 2011

Speaking word that go against God's word defile your spirt. Guard your mouth & U will guard your inner man

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Judy's Journal 12

All of us come to marriage with "baggage". Our parents have left us with baggage! You will also dump your baggage on your children.
This is a fact. Nobody knows you more than your spouse. They know your baggage, this is one reason marriage is so good for you. We get to "heal" each other from all that baggage. What a blessing Embrace it. Heal each other.
Judy Cipriano
wife of over 25 years

Judy's Journal 11

  Have you told your husband how much you love him today? How much you appreciate him? That you know he works hard for you and your family? Do you take the time in the morning to fellowship and have a cup of coffee or tea with him ? You only need get up one half hour early to do this. You will get used to it. I did not do this in the past, but for a long time I make this a priority of mine. Start your day off right and "in love". You will benifit from this the whole day.
Judy Cipriano
wife of over 25 years

Judy's Journal 10

  Don't think about what your wife can do for you, think about what you can do for her.

  Today show your wife you love her. Do this by your actions. Verbalize your love in a special "love Letter"(We Love them). Bring her home some flowers, call her on your lunch break or on your way home, whatever works best for you. A special gift she has been wanting, even the smallest gift you can buy. A big gift, however given every so often will bring you great rewards that day. She will love you so much.

Remember, the best thing you can do for your Children, whether they are young or grown is to love their mother. 
Judy Cipriano

wife of over 25 years

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Judy's Journal January 7th 2011

Every spouse needs to know if there is anything bothering their mate. You both need to know there is not any subject you could not approch one another with. In fact if you don't, over time this will fester in your relationship. It will be like an open wound with a scap that won't heal.
You both need to approch difficult subjects with the right words, as not to be critical.
Even I need to remind myself of this, as I can be to critial. Then Mike gets defensive.
Whatever you have to say, say it with love and compassion for the other person. Everybody has to know if they are doing something that offends or hurts their spouse, or we would never change. This will stop the growth of your marriage.
Judy Cipriano
wife of over 25 years.

Judy's Journal January 6th 2011

Is you husband your hero? I bet your thinking "ya right"!
Well mine is. Here is why.
Our painting company has been blessed for almost 20 years. Thank you God! 2110 went well.
Even so, the winters are long and difficult. Most people get their painting done in the spring, summer, or fall. We have found that advertising in the spring and summer is more profitable than in the winter.
So my husband (my hero) takes matters into his own hands. He designs his own amazing flyers. He passes them out door to door in the winter. This is hard, I know because I've helped him. He has been chased by dogs, harassed by postmen and noisy people, you name it. He goes out in any kind of weather. Guess what, he comes home in a cheerful, good mood, with a positive attitude.
He works on his own website (and this one) so we could save money. Savings we could use for charity or to increase our tithe. Some people critisize this, even family, but that doesn't bother us. This is only one of many ways I think my husband is my hero. He has not always been, but he is now. Live in the now, not the past. That's my hero!
How can you tell your husband he is your hero?
Judy Cipriano
wife of over 25 years.

Judy's Journal January 5th 2011

Your wife needs your attention! Have a weekly date night. Just you and your wife, no children!
And you pay! Think of ways you can plan the date, surprise her. If your budget is tight, like ours is in the winter, go to a less expensive place. Even Mc Donalds will do. 
We know you work hard, but we do too. Thank her daily for dinner, a clean house, doing the laundry, or whatever. Most women work outside the home on top of this and she helps pay the bills to. Thank her.
 Tell her you love her everyday. Even if you don't "feel" like it somedays. Your feelings change, don't go by them. Drop your pride and listen to her advice, she is your equal.

Do not be harsh in your words to her. Strong, harsh, sarcastic and (I hope you don't do this) profane words hurt and damage your wife. We don't respond well to this! Do not be afaid to say " I'm Sorry" when you are wrong even when you may think you are not. You are the leader of your family, make it easy for your wife to follow. Judy Cipriano
wife of over 25 years.