Saturday, February 12, 2011

Holy Communion as one

Go to Church together. Sit next to each other, hold hands. If you are Catholic take communion together
(Click here to find out just how to do this). We learned how from watching a very loving couple from our marriage encounter group. Say Grace with every meal you eat together and hold hands while praying. Be thankful you have the blessing of food in this economy. Mike and I say the rosary everyday We do this seperately, but we do it. Another Godly woman from our marriage encounter circle taught us this. It will bring you peace and comfort. You can pray the rosary for just about any favor or blessing you need from God, weather for yourself or someone else. Pray it for all the different needs or people you love. We pray alot for our business and ofcourse this ministry. We also pray for our children,grandchildren and for the healing in our own marriage. There is not any good excuse, I do it while driving to work and back home. You don't even need to finish the whole rosary, say one or two decades if thats all you can do, and pick it up later. Whatever denomination you are apart of do it together.
Judy Cipriano
wife of over 25 years

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